The Great Pursuit


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The great pursuit exists everywhere, but actually has us all running in place.

It all started with a dream to make a million dollars. It then went to five million dollars and then it went to twenty million dollars. Listen to the funny part. This didn’t get me any further in life. My kids still went to college, my wife still worked and I still had many dreams.

The pursuit of stuff isn’t going to get you further. Sure, we all need suits, but not 30 of them. Sure we all need shoes, but not 15 pairs of shoes. I hope my clients are reading this. I don’t want to hear solely about the purchase. I want to hear about your pursuit, things that make you happy. I want to hear about the things that will make you remember a standstill in life. Something that suspended time. This is the pursuit. Happiness is a destination. It’s a place I find myself going from time to time. I meet God there. We chat and I know he allows me here simply because I changed my pursuit from obtaining stuff. I wish to obtain knowledge. So from time to time I may contradict myself. Because of what I just learned, my ability to change directions immediately has saved my life. Some may not understand, but if your life isn’t going as planned, simply change your pursuit and I can assure you happiness will be your destination.

“Don’t worry Be happy”

The Bespoken Mogul


My Name is Man

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Do you have too much pride to ask for help? Are you afraid to wear your ambition on your sleeve? Yes. Sure, you need to have tact, elegance and class; but this shouldn’t equate to fear. You don’t want to mess it up. Guess what I have never seen? A comfortable bed that’s not messy. Whether you sleep good or bad the bed will be a mess in the morning.

So many people want a better life but are afraid to look at someone and say ,”Help me please. I am trying.” The world gravitates to the person that’s trying. I have been late, I have been wrong and I have made an effort to right them. This is what people want. They want to be around people that are trying – not someone just looking to make a buck.  Today, money is endless. The world is smaller. Go out and introduce yourself as Man; a Man that will fight to have a legacy.

Some want you to make the phone calls for them. They want you to do everything but tie their shoes and then when it’s time to celebrate, they have the biggest glass. Fellas, we have to put Man back into our vocabulary. “I am a grown Man” is a great saying, but being a grown Man, acting like a grown Man and doing grown Man stuff is what that saying means.  I take pride in getting the big piece of chicken. My kids know I bust my hump for them; because to them, my name is Dad. And all I want is to say I deserve the big piece of chicken at Sunday’s dinner.

Today, Man up.  Saying you are trying to get on your feet means two things: Either you won’t get on your feet or you can’t get on your feet.  That choice is yours.

Stay focused and stay #billionairebound.

Fred Garnett

The Bespoken Mogul

When Nothing Becomes More Than You Need…


Look at you.  Do you remember when Nothing wasn’t enough and now today, NOTHING is just fine with me. We consume Stuff like we need it.  We have been programmed that Stuff makes us better, when in reality, Stuff slows us down. Yes, I own a Luxury Suit Firm, The Bespoken Mogul, but I don’t sell suits. We give a client exactly what he needs.

When companies advertise, “Buy 1, get 5 free,” what good will that extra 5 do when you only needed one? It’s a play on your psyche. Since 5 has no price tag, it must be good. And now you have Stuff. A whole bunch of Stuff. Stuff that is low in quality. And now it’s in your closet. Yes… we all do it. Buy quality.

A man should have 7-10 suits. All in which he can wear and still feel classy. Why do I say this?  We hold on to that suit that we have to nip and tuck to squeeze in. Donate that suit to Trade In and Trade Up and move on. 2016 Live Better.

Russell Simmons hit home when he said to me and my boy Sam who sat in line to have him sign our books, “Practice needing nothing brother.”  That was 3 years before his new book came out. And today, now that I don’t have an accumulation of Stuff, the light bulb came on.

So, don’t allow anyone to play on your intelligence to acquire Stuff.  You only need quality.  I am not here to sell you, simply to unlock a different chamber of thought.  2016 is around the corner stay #billionairebound and “LIVE BETTER.”

The Bespoken Mogul


Apologize to Yourself…



  I want to apologize to myself.  The younger version of me has a lot to say to the old man I have become. 

First, I want to apologize for rushing – running when I should have taken my time.  I would like to apologize for putting me last when clearly I should have taken better care of myself. I should have spent more time on the beach in South Carolina reading a book and simply enjoying my time with me. I want to apologize for not going to see my grandmother more. The wisdom she left me is priceless. I AM STILL LEARNING TO DO FOR MYSELF.

Lastly I would like this to be the last time I apologize to myself.  I will spend the next half of my life, living life to the fullest. I will continue to meet people and travel the world. I won’t allow business, work or any reason to to be unhappy.  With that being said, never be afraid to apologize to yourself or anyone. It’s a process of healing. 

Before we can make you look awesome on the outside, let’s get that inside right.

Dress well and Inspire.

Fred, TBM

How To…

IMG_2268It’s Sunday, coming off a great trip to Chicago, and heading to New York at 4am in the morning.  Mentor call was awesome.  How to…. That’s what we talked about and really that’s what I would like to write about…… HOW TO!!

There are many how-to books and many folks still don’t know HOW TO….. I see folks selling something that already belongs to someone else. You can’t capitalize off something that someone already possesses. Their light bulb will come on and you will be left with an intangible product that’s worthless.

It’s like selling someone their eyes; because their vision is a little blurry.  Funny stuff right? If that’s the case, you may as well sell them a book titled, “VISION BLURRY, the HOW-TO Guide to Great Vision.  If you can’t tell, I find it quite humorous.

Life isn’t about what you can monetize. It’s about using a skill set that’s mutually beneficial. It’s about finding great joy because someone bought your suit or your product. Giving someone knowledge about something they do not own or know is paying it forward; tangible benefits. 

I have trained many. And I am still in training myself.  Education and knowledge is key. Just think how important your life is. You have a lot of doctors with D’s and C’s on their transcripts. And they want to tell you HOW TO…. Be careful. 

So, enjoy life…. Enjoy loving your friends and families. Enjoy dressing your absolute best. And know life’s luxuries are already in your possession.  How to use them is simple…LOVE ON PEOPLE.

Dress well and inspire.


Who’s Driving?


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Lets start off by saying… it feels good to be writing again. Thank you all of you who have been patient, that have supported me and have pushed me to this point. We have been everywhere and back. And if we haven’t been to your state, don’t worry – we are coming. I am truly in an excellent place: Spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally.

This one is for the Thinker in us. How do you view the world? I truly thought the way you viewed the world was a matter of how you have lived your life or how your past may have influenced your decisions. That can’t be the answer. It has to be more than what happened to you. It has to be more than just your past circumstances. I know folks (whom shall remain nameless) that are truly geniuses in every aspect of the word.

Good, bad or indifferent you are not a victim. God has made everything in this world designed to be corrected. This includes our lives. So you think just because you got fired, you are broke, you lost a game, your family is a mess, your friends are Judas, that your life is over. Guess what? All of this can be fixed. You can replace any of the named circumstances with a new and improved circumstance. It’s time to get out of our own way and make a way. Start thinking and making better decisions. It’s one thing to not know, but to remain ignorant, that’s a slap in our maker’s face.

Are you struggling right now? Stop. Stop right now and think about how you can you make your life better. If you can’t come up with an answer, go to a stranger, go to a thinker and guess what, he or she was sent to solve your problem.

You may be asking yourself, “How is this relevant to suits, and fashion?”The Bespoken Mogul is more than a suit firm, we inspire the world to do more than they thought was possible. I have seen lives change for the better – hopefully a better understanding as well.

I am going to leave you with something to think about: I have been hearing this Purpose driven life statement often. My question to you: Who’s purpose are you here for and who is driving?

Shoot me an email – I want to hear your thoughts.

What If They’d Quit?

FullSizeRenderThis month of May has been a long one. And on my recent trip from Chicago, I had time to reflect. I thought about quitting. No, no not me quitting my work. Definitely not in the literal sense of the word. But if people had quit where would we be?

Just think, if the person who created brake pads had a bad day and just quit? Can you say accident city? What about the person who created the windshield; can you imagine driving at night with no windshield? Yep, you will be bug-faced. What about the shoe strings? No shoe strings, that means we all will be wearing velcro straps. Running water? …. Okay, I draw the line there. I said all of that to say. Thank you all for not quitting.

Quitting doesn’t just impact you. It impacts several generations following you. Your body of work is so important, that you probably won’t be around to witness the actual benefit or to see the full potential of its use.  Do you think Benjamin Franklin lived to have his face on the hundred-dollar bill? Just think – what if he was a quitter? Can you see his face on a wooden nickel?

So as you find your purpose in life, know this, quitting isn’t just going to effect you. It’s going to trickle down to a group of folks that you may never meet. And their life is going to be more difficult if you fail to complete your mission.

Mission Control you are clear for take off. Finish your mission.

The Bespoken Mogul

I Got an F….

1431595196316 (1)This is the last thing you want to tell your parents; especially, those parents with super high expectations.  “I got an F.” Who remembers saying this and feeling mortified or less worthy? Here is the kicker – what made you feel this way? That fear of disappointing someone sets in. The truth is, you may not have applied yourself accordingly. Guess where this goes……Your adult life. It’s filled with trying to please others and then you neglect to please or live up to your own expectations. So get your F and love it.  Earn your F. Hell, post your F on your refrigerator and keep it moving. Life is not about getting an F, its about embracing the F and learning from that F.

I remember vividly my first F in the suit world. The arms were 3 inches too short and the pants were 2 inches too tight. At the time, I think I lost a gallon of water sweating……. but we made it right? I learned from that F and to this day, this client is the oldest client to the firm. Now, I currently have an A. The suit world is very busy lately. When things are going right, business looks awesome. But what will happen with that first F that’s on your report card. And trust me, it will happen. Then what?

So, back to this F. Are you prepared to make an A with your own self appearance? Make an A for knowledge about your self worth. Are you ready to make an A to simply love yourself and please yourself? I hope so. Those days of making an F and feeling bad are over. Learn from it and keep rocking……………………………….

The Bespoken Mogul

Broke or Poor…


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Who are you? Lol. The funniest question ever. If you have to ask me who I am, then I must not be working hard enough.

When you see me. You will know who I am and what I do. The simple answer is: I am somebody and I am doing something to impact the world. Have you ever walked into a space and they said, “I know you have to be important or something.” It’s because they can see it. So stop answering those dumb ass questions and show people who you are. Are you perfect? Hell no. But you are trying….

Folks ask that question because it takes the attention off of them. If you aren’t doing something positive, hell or even negative you don’t know who you are. Today we have an identity crisis. Everybody wants to be famous and don’t do famous sh&t. Sorry, but it strikes a nerve to see this knowing the rest of us are out here getting it. It’s like hitting a buzzer beater… And you don’t even take the shot…..wake up, it was a dream.

Today – do something new. Say something new. Go someplace new and show people who you are.

Get busy living or get busy dying…your choice.

The Bespoken Mogul


Dear World…


To Whom It May Concern:

I want to thank you all for watching and being a witness to my failure and my growth. I am a firm believer that if you keep living and keep loving, life will begin to smooth out for you.

Today, I am less selfish. I totally want to leave a lasting impact on this world. We are all born with a Godly purpose. I just choose to express my gifts in the form of a suit.

I always wanted to be rich and I think God wanted me to become wealthy. Wealth tends to be transferred from generation to generation. Wealth doesn’t always mean money. It’s a character trait. A work ethic. The DNA of love and excellence to be transferred to my children and your children. The next generation is chomping at our heels. I want to be able to hand the baton of life to the next generation that they finish what we have started.

So world, we weren’t made to be perfect.  Through every struggle, clarity was the outcome. Embrace your imperfections and your confusion. Clarity is on the way.

I love you world and Thank You.

Fred, The Bespoken Mogul